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After purchasing the Phuket Pass, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email which you can log into our system with your Google or Facebook account in order to select the Golden or Silver tickets.
If you did not receive your email confirmation, please check your SPAM folder. Otherwise, you can send us an email to rsvn@GoPhuketPass.com

Phuket Pass provides entry to over +34 hand-picked Excursions, Shows & Attractions as well as unlimited savings up to 20-30% at restaurants and shops. Phuket Pass comes with a number of 'Golden' and 'Silver' digital credits depending on which size you choose: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) or Extra Large (XL). These credits can be exchanged for an entry ticket to the shows/excursions/attractions of your choice.
Also when purchasing your Phuket Pass, you will receive a FREE shared-a-ride airport transfers. This service is very helpful and easy to use.

Upon logging on the Phuket Pass system, you can receive the discounts and special offers by simply clicking the icon of the discount shop to get the promotion code sent to your email. (please note, each discount code can be uses only one time).
Click here to see all the fantastic spas, restaurants and attractions where you can use your Phuket Pass as a discount card.

The Phuket Pass will be activated right after your purchase is completed and will be valid for one year.

No, it is not possible to use a silver credit for a golden credit and vice versa.

For a quick view of your remaining credits, you need to log in log in and click “My Order” at the menu bar to find out how many credits you have left.

No, Phuket Pass is personal.

Since most excursions, shows & attractions in Phuket are free of charge for children under 4 years old and offer discounted price for children between 4-12 years old, we decided not to offer a children's edition. You are able to save just as much money buying tickets at the location itself.

Only on our website at www.GoPhuketPass.com

Yes, as long as you fill in your name and other details in each package correctly.

Together with any Phuket Pass package purchased, you are able to enjoy FREE shared-a-ride transfers provided by www.SamuraiFive-O.com. We will send you a promotion code after you complete your Phuket Pass purchase.

In case you encounter problems when redeeming, downloading or printing your train ticket please contact the Customer Service staff. They can be info@GoPhuketPass.com

It is necessary to book in advance for all tours and excursions.